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Taking the leap online

Well, here she first attempt at an online shop for our customers. I've been creating with my daughters items we can carry easily at this time... just to get the ball rolling! Images of beloved cows & scenic views and all designed with the ONE LOVE we've had of our Highlands placed on everything from shower curtains to wireless chargers...ITS CRAZY! I hope you enjoy it! Eva recommends the POKER CARDS, Carys is a puzzle fan, and yes, I let my 9 year old design a kids shirt with a little help from AI.

I'm an IN PERSON kind of saleswoman. I like to talk to customers and help them find what they are looking for, Now I'm trusting you to let the fingers do the walking. We are constantly adding new products and images. Its a fun, creative process and we hope you find that perfect something!

This website allows us to continue to look after our cattle and make our hay without taking away our focus. You can support our farm with your purchase, keeping the cows in FIG BARS for months to come. We are one of the longest standing Folds in America, a 3rd generation Scottish Highland Farm dedicated to breed & land preservation, responsible animal husbandry, and hopefully to teach others about Agriculture along the way. So enjoy our creative creations!

All the Best & Happy Shopping!


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